Women have the power to transform this world.

We can end crime, violence and poverty. All we have to do is one thing.


Let’s share our Time, our Talents, our Finances, and most of all, let’s share our Love. This is The Female Solution.

We are Global Transformers, changing the world from the way it is to the way it should be.

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MONDAY – Monday Morning Mindfulness with ZeldaSpeaks

TUESDAY – Self Cell Care with Jodi Suson

WEDNESDAY – Repairing Broken Relationships with Naimah Latif and co-host Karriem Hameed

THURSDAY – Soulful Solutions with Dr. Debbie Green

FRIDAY – Health and Wellbeing With Viyahta

SATURDAY -1 – Success Strategies with Zhana

SATURDAY -2 – Wende Williams on Relationships

SATURDAY -3 – Move Around With Deborah

SATURDAY -4 – WISDOM With Mamadee

SUNDAY – Soul Purpose Healing With Viyahta